EJDENWIK had it´s starting point,when a man and a woman said their ”I do´s”.

A man and a woman, sharing hopes and dreams, and true passion for each other and the beauty
of life.

While we were designing a family-logo for our wedding – an anchor with our initials – we came
up with the idea of printing the logo on tote bags made of rough cotton, as a gift for each of our
guests. For us, the anchor stands for the passion for what is pure and genuine in life, and also
the passion for the life at sea. The moment we saw the result of our tote bags, was the moment
EJDENWIK was brought to life.

EJDENWIK has the basic idea of creating clothes for the genuine EJDENWIK persona – ”I´m
the captain of my soul”.

Our philosophy is to be genuine, like our role model Santiago in the novel The old man and the
sea (Hemingway). We want to be the one thing you can trust, even when the wind blows. You
see, EJDENWIK is not only a world of fashion. The world of EJDENWIK stands for so much
more. We want every person to express their own personality and be the captain of their soul.

EJDENWIK is all about rain and rough weather, just as much as we love those shiny, light days
in the sun. This makes it very important for us to let our clothes fulfill it´s function regardless
when in the countyside, at the sea or just when you’re strolling along in the city.

While creating the EJDENWIK brand, we focused on the subtle play of contrasts between
masculine and feminine elements. Imagine a grand, old boat made of wood with a beautiful
handcarved rudder, very masculine and dependable. Then imagine a woman – very feminine,
with wind creating waves in her long hair. A woman in full control of the boat, steering into the
harbour with her lover´s shirt on. Since the marine fashion tends to feel a bit masculine, our
mission was to create a strong, confident, laid back look that suits both man and woman.

Since we want to take marine fashion one step further, we wanted to play with the original dusty white nuance you can find in a sailorman outfit, and deep oceans where the colors alter from dark to light, as when
stormy weather turns into sunshine. We let harsh nature, purple thistles, and brown cliffs shaped
by the sea itself, give life and character to our collection.

Just as we said our ”I do´s” in the beginning of the story, we want you to find a garment from us
that you´ll love, a garment you want to last and age with grace with.

For us, in addition to many other storytellers, our story isn´t about recreating history or passing
on a heritage. For us, with Santiago as our only source of inspiration, our story is all about taking
the lead as captains of our souls.

Please, follow us on the ocean!

Yours sincerely,

Johan and Josefin Edin Ejdenwik.